รวบรวมคำถามที่เป็นประโยชน์ต่อสมาชิกของ TOYOTA Wallet

  • What's TOYOTA Wallet?

    TOYOTA Wallet. A digital money app brought to you by TOYOTA. It brings together a range of payment options in a single app which is connected to a broad network of merchants who accept mobile payments.
    Starting in Japan, and moving on to the world.

  • Payment via TOYOTA Wallet

    You can choose to top up your TOYOTA Wallet and use wallet balance or add your credit card for payment to participating merchants.

  • Registration

    Download application from App Store or Google Play and make registration from the application

  • Top up to TOYOTA Wallet

    Top up from saving account

    • 1. Go to 'Your profile'
    • 2. Choose 'Settings'
    • 3. Choose 'Manage payment method'
    • 4. Click '+'
    • 5. Enter top up amount (min. 100 THB)
    • 6. Confirm

    Remark: You can top up from added saving account or your Promptpay account.

  • Change mobile number or email address

    • 1. Go to 'Your profile'
    • 2. Click 'edit'
    • 3. Enter new mobile number or email address
    • 4. Save

  • Change new device

    • 1. Download TOYOTA Wallet application on your new device
    • 2. Click 'Sign In'
    • 3. Enter registered email address or mobile number
    • 4. Receive OTP sent to your registered email address or mobile number
    • 5. Enter received OTP
    • 6. Click 'Yes, confirm to use this device'

    Remark: If there's signed in session in your old device, system will sign you out as soon as you confirm to use new device.

  • Fee and credit limit

    Currently, there's no fee for any transaction made from TOYOTA Wallet.

    • Credit limit
    • 1. Maximum 500,000 THB / transaction
    • 2. Maximum 500,000 THB in wallet
    • 3. Minimum 100 THB / each top up

  • Pay with TOYOTA Wallet

    You can make payment with TOYOTA Wallet by following methods

    • 1. Scan merchant's QR Code
    • 2. Display QR Code from TOYOTA Wallet to participating merchants
  • Add payment method in TOYOTA Wallet

    Make payment easy and convenient, you can add your credit card in your TOYOTA Wallet

    • 1. Go to 'Your profile'
    • 2. Choose 'Manage payment method'
    • 3. Click '+' in Credit Card section
    • 4. Fill in credit card information
    • 5. System will send information and redirect you to credit card issuer (bank).
    • 6. Receive OTP sent to your mobile number given to the bank.
    • 7. Enter received OTP to confirm

  • Did not receive OTP

    Click 'Request new OTP'. The system will send new OTP again. If you still don't receive it, please contact Call Center at 0-2660-5500

  • Forgotten passcode (PIN)

    • You can create new PIN by following steps
    • 1. Click 'Forgot PIN'
    • 2. Enter your registered email
    • 3. Receive OTP sent to your registered email
    • 4. Enter received OTP
    • 5. Create new PIN and reconfirm new PIN

  • Can foreigner use TOYOTA Wallet?

    Currently, TOYOTA Wallet offers service to any citizen and requires only SCB account and SCB Easy.